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So many people in my field -- loosely, journalism -- agonize over what to do next, what to do with this digital age. As we fret and flail, we risk forgetting about the words we're stringing together, the information we're reflecting upon and sharing, and the stories we're telling. Whether breath on our lips, ink spread across a page, keys hammering into a ribbon or electrons running through a circuit, I'm concerned with how thoughts are captured, contained, altered and disseminated. I don't believe it's true that journalism is dying. It is simply changing. Yet, too many people are trying too hard, throwing whatever they can at the wall until they see what sticks.

This site provides in-depth, unrushed storytelling and reflection, and serves as a central repository for my freelance writing, photography, and audio reporting. This work is often characterized by narratives with a strong sense of place and time, but also includes breaking news, analysis and features. Frequent topics include history, media, transportation, green business, climate change and disaster resilience.