Writing and Editing services

Stumped trying to find the right word? Spell-check playing tricks on you? Want help shattering your writer's block? 

Whether you represent a business seeking to craft its message, are a student who needs coaching or other writing assistance, or are a writer who needs to bounce some ideas off another reader, I can help.

Need a pitch smoothed out? I can do that. Want to make sure that business letter makes its point? I can do that too. Need some answers? I can help you track them down. Want to woo your sweetheart? I'll even help you say what's in your heart, and to say it with your own voice. Have a large writing or publishing project of your own that you would like help planning? I am available to discuss it and help you get it off the ground. 

A journalist by trade, I live by words and letters and will consult on written communication of all forms. I will make sure your copy is clean, your message is clear and, most importantly, that your words are worth something. My services include (but are not limited to):

  • Drafting personal correspondence
  • Web content consultation
  • Newsletter design and editing
  • Academic program admissions essays
  • Business plans
  • Promotional materials
  • Reports
  • Copy-editing
  • Proofreading
  • Editing for style and clarity
  • Coaching
  • Research services
  • Advising on publishing projects

Past and current editing clients include regional bar associations, law firms, nonprofit organizations, small businesses and individuals.

Contact me for rates and other information.