Wartime China as Filmed by Melville Jacoby

Born in Hollywood in 1916, Melville Jacoby spent much of his childhood on his grandfather's property at the intersection of Hollywood & Vine, the same place where Paramount Studios' got its start in a barn rented from Mel's grandfather. An avid photographer who grew up alongside the film industry, Mel also dabbled in motion pictures and brought an 8mm Eastman camera with him on his trips to China between 1937 and 1941.Here are some snippets of the film Mel shot while studying and working as a journalist in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Melville Jacoby, foreign correspondent and war reporter, during his travels in wartime China in the late 30s and 40s.

Footage of Hong Kong shot on an 8mm camera by Melville Jacoby in 1936 or 37 while Jacoby was an exchange student at Lingnan University, then in nearby Guangzhou (Canton).

Freelance foreign correspondent, war reporter, and later Time Magazine Far East bureau chief Melville Jacoby in China in the 1930s while still an exchange student at Lingnan University

A car passenger's view of a Macau street as seen by Melville Jacoby in 1937 (note, pretty shaky camera), and a bit of Mel's onetime girlfriend, Marie Leitão, strutting on a plaza. Leitão was the daughter of the owner of the then-owner of the Bela Vista Hotel and her brother was a good friend and aviation school classmate of Mel's.
A man demonstrates martial arts with a handheld weapon on a barge along the Pearl River, as shot by Melville Jacoby in February, 1937 while Mel and other exchange students at Lingnan University explored Guangxi Province
Melville Jacoby and friends exploring the Pearl River in February, 1937, while students at Lingnan University, then located in Guangzhou (Canton), China.
Mel Jacoby in Jintian, Guangxi Province in 1937 on the family compound of Chan Ka Yik, his roommate at Lingnan University in 1936-37.
Melville Jacoby and his mother, Elza Meyberg, on the grounds of her home in Bel Air, Los Angeles, in 1941. It was in mid-February, 1941 that Mel very briefly returned to Los Angeles after his first reporting stint in Chongqing and French Indochina (where he was arrested by Japanese forces).
Elza's and Manfred Meyberg's (Mel's stepfather) home was built by legendary Los Angeles architect Paul Williams in 1929. Here it is in 1941 as shot by Melville Jacoby.
Yangtze River steps and street scenes in Chongqing, the capital of wartime China, as filmed in 1940 by Melville Jacoby.